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Mayday! Zuke! Why are you hijacking NSR's concerts?
―One member of 1010 to Bunk Bed Junction

1010 is a boy band comprising of robots and megastars within NSR, and are the charters of a currently unnamed district who represents synth-pop. With their ally Neon J., they are among the main antagonists and are speculated to be the 5th bosses in No Straight Roads.

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All members of 1010 have grey skin and wear black sailor suits with white highlights, and colored glowing lights on their cheeks and colored ties. Each has his unique hairstyle, eye shape, eyebrows, and color scheme.

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We are gonna bring the heat! Uh!
―One member of 1010

The fight took placed on a navy ship, 1010 blast lasers, they can sometimes protect themselves with force fields, they can dash into different places. Once one of the members is destroyed, Neon J. will come down and rebuild them.

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Lights Up AuditionsEdit

1010 were judging Mayday and Zuke for their rock music performance, which they find it outlandish for the Lights Up Auditions.

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  • The early version of 1010's boss fight after DJ Subatomic Supernova's first demo have their eyes and clothing highlights glow white.
  • A large passage of the 1010's song can be found at this video about the No Straight Roads gameplay made by The Magic Rain.
  • 1010 are the last prominent characters to have their designs revealed. Their character designs haven't been revealed after Eve's, until the originally planned release date of No Straight Roads has finally been announced.[5]
  • The name of the band, "1010", also happens to be the binary representation for the decimal number "10".
  • The group is inspired by K-Pop boy bands.


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