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"This pedestrian girl you chose is a mistake. She is fire. Fire and sea do not mix."
―Eve, to Zuke, referring to him parterning with Mayday

Eve is a mysterious diva, one of the megastars in NSR, and the charter of a currently unnamed district who represents art-pop. She is one of the main antagonists and speculated to be the 6th boss in No Straight Roads.

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Eve's physical appearance is a slim, tall woman, born with pale light blue eyes. Her long, golden-orange hair covers her left eye as the bottom half of it ravels her left leg. Her right half of her body is colored white, with her fingernails painted velvet red and her leg boring a teal platform boot. The other half is velvet red with her left leg wearing a platform sandal. Eve wears turquoise beaded bracelets, addition to her left wrist having two bracelets unlike her opposite wrist; an earring on her left ear, a head ornament all around her forehead, and three thin golden chokers on her neck. Eve's costume is a black chest-less leotard with a teal breast cover on the right, and a chartreuse breast cover on the left. Her scruffy cloak is teal, decorated with chartreuse leaves, a yellow cube, thick violet-purple strings, and spheres coated in colors of velvet pink, orange, and white.

Her character thematic forms into minimalistic and illusionist art, as Eve's museum consists of her self-portraits (each in different color schemes), and movable sculptures. The other side of art may be scary if it is analyzed deeper.

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  • Unknown Museum - Eve's central location of the concert. No name of this museum is given yet.

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Eve's fight seems to have her dancing around while hands come out and would shoot eyes at the player she even separated Mayday & Zuke before the fight & can teleport to either Mayday or Zuke's location.



It's unknown why Eve is strongly against Mayday, because of her partnership with Zuke.


We celebrate your redemption, Zuke.
―Eve, to Zuke
Eve's prominent relationship with Zuke remains unclear.

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In the Lights Up Auditions, Eve is one of the judges from the Lights Up Auditions, and also an NSR artist. She, like the rest of the judges, axed them out of the auditions, because of rock music.

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  • Eve's character design had not been fully revealed on any of the game's promotional media, until her voice actress for the Japanese dub of the game, Mariko Honda; and creator of No Straight Roads Wan Hazmer, attended at Comic Fiesta 2019 to reveal her design.[4]
  • Eve's character reveal image shows an error on her right hand that is rotated on the wrong direction. The fixed version has yet to be digitally posted on the official media of No Straight Roads, and it is only seen on the presentation at Comic Fiesta 2019.[5]
  • In comparison with the Japanese and French dubs, the original English dub gives Eve a little bit of a harsher and lighter tone, in the case of her voice actress, Joanna Bessey.
  • In the Comic Fiesta 2019 convention, Eve's voice actress for the Japanese dub, Mariko Honda, states about her description for the character she plays:
    • “Visually speaking, it was hard for me to figure out what kind of character Eve was. Hence, I initially wanted to give Eve a mature, deep voice, [something] that would usually fit a mature character. But Hazmer told me that Eve is very complex – a more than meets the eye sort. In the end, I decided to go for a sexier voice instead.”[6]
  • When you look closely, you see she has six arms in her boss battle, this might be a homage to the Hindu goddess Kali.

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