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"No more injustice! It's time we fight EDM with the power of ROCK! The music revolution starts right now!"
―Mayday, to Zuke

Mayday is the guitarist for Bunk Bed Junction and one of the two protagonists of No Straight Roads.

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Mayday has orange skin, magenta eyes with flower-shaped irises, and blonde hair with three small pigtails and braided side bangs. She wears a red dress with a dark red underlayer, black shorts, a glove located on her left hand, shoes, two armbands on the shoulders, and a collar on her neck.

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Mayday is a joyful, tomboyish, ongoing guitarist and vocalist.

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Mayday, along with Zuke, once participated in the Lights Up Audition held by NSR to play their rock music. Despite successfully finishing the course, Tatiana and the EDM Artists dismissed them, because EDM becomes the most popular in Vinyl City, overshadowing the rock genre. Once Tatiana prohibited rock for future auditions, Mayday has a plan to start a Music Revolution against the NSR empire, with the support of Zuke.

Mayday and Zuke attempted to confront DJ Subatomic Supernova first to give rock another chance, but with no luck because of his ignorance. The duo attempted to knockout DJSS and his unrealistic black hole.

After DJ Subatomic Supernova's defeat, the duo barged in Natura Concert Hall, where Yinu's mother emerged from the curtains and attacked them from ruining her daughter's performance. But as the duo directly targeted Yinu, they still angered the mother.

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  • Mayday's birthdate is May 1st, because of her name, according to the crew behind Metronomik and its game, No Straight Roads.[6]


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