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Tatiana and NSR's musical megastars: DJ Subatomic Supernova (left), Sayu (far right), Yinu (far left), Eve (right) and 1010 (on top)

No Straight Roads, commonly abbreviated as NSR, is a huge EDM record label and the governing body of Vinyl City who are the titular main antagonists of No Straight Roads.

Overview Edit

As the largest and most powerful record label in Vinyl City, NSR controls the music industry in the city while having EDM being the dominant genre as a result of its monopoly. The megastars who are under contract of NSR run their own districts in the city, where they have establishments based on their brand and places they perform their concerts.

Key FiguresEdit

Tatiana - The CEO and founder.

Megastars Edit

DJ Subatomic Supernova - A narcissistic, space-themed DJ representing deep disco, he's the charter of Cash Tech and his core location for concerts is Club Planetarium. He is also made the NSR Satelite.
Sayu - A bubbly, mermaid-like virtual idol representing cutecore, she's the charter of Akusuka and her core location for concerts is at the Kura Kura Hub Stream.
Yinu - A young pianist prodigy representing for a fusion of classical piano music and dubstep, who is aided by her mother. She's the charter of Natura and her location for concerts is in the Natura Concert Hall.
1010 - A robotic boy band representing synth-pop, whose district and location for concerts are currently unknown, but can be found in the technologically EDM part of Vinyl City. They also allied with another robot named Neon J.
Eve - A illusionist diva representing art-pop, whose district and core location for concerts are currently unknown, but the location of work is a museum.

Employees Edit

Mia - An booth attendant who Bunk Bed Junction meets after crashing DJ Subatomic Supernova's concert.

Drones Edit

Drones are used by NSR for security, and they guard their artists' concerts.

  • Bouncers - NSR security drones that can create a shockwave.
  • Cameras - NSR security drones that flies and can shoot.
  • Beaters - NSR security drone that can move around and burst out metal pistons.

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Lights Up Auditions Edit

Bunk Bed Junktion & NSR Figures at Lights Up Audition

Tatiana and NSR's superstars about to judge Bunk Bed Junction's performance in the Lights Up Audition.

NSR held the Lights Up Auditions every year to find new artists to

power up electricity in Vinyl City. However, they only have the most important rule for every participant: only EDM is allowed.

DJ Subatomic Supernova vs. Bunk Bed Junction Edit

Sayu vs. Bunk Bed Junction Edit

Yinu vs. Bunk Bed Junction Edit

1010 vs. Bunk Bed Junction Edit

Eve vs. Bunk Bed Junction Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The Main Tower has a Lighthouse on top, this seems to be a design choice or maybe it could be part of NSR's origin.

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