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"Okay listen, honey. You think you can just walk in here to drag us all into your silly little fantasy? You are so naïve to think that rock is still relevant. Stop living in the past! There is only one music in demand right now, and that is...E-D-M! The age of rock is over. EDM rules this city!"
―Tatiana, to Mayday

Tatiana is the CEO and founder of NSR who is the primary antagonist of No Straight Roads, and is speculated to be the final boss.

Appearance Edit

Tatiana seems to be a tall, grey-skinned woman who wears two violet rectangle earrings, violet glasses, a black dress with a white vest.

Personality Edit

Tatiana is a snooty perfectionist that heads NSR and rules Vinyl City.

Relationships Edit

Bunk Bed Junction Edit


  • NSR Tower - A glass building with a lighthouse on top that is the home base of CEO Tatiana.
  • NSR Post - A postal service
  • NSR Bank - A bank own by the NSR record label. Unknown purposes.
  • Tatiana Cruises - A line of cruises. Unknown purposes.
  • Tatiana Hotels - A line of hotels. Unknown purposes.
  • EDMart - A market

Boss Battle Edit

Story Edit

Past Edit

Lights Up AuditionsEdit

Tatiana and the NSR artists hold the Lights Up Auditions every year to find new musical talent for powering electricity all over the city. Much later, they have disqualified Mayday and Zuke for playing rock, because this music genre is no longer prominent in Vinyl City. After Tatiana experienced the duo's absurd performance, she gave an announcement to the civilians that the Lights Up Auditions prohibit rock music, and only allow EDM.


  • According to the wayang kulit performance at the Level UP 2019 event by No Straight Roads, the shadow puppet design of Tatiana is seen carrying a string instrument.
  • The artist of Tatiana's boss theme was revealed on Spotify until the song was taken down due to probably spoilers.
  • The name of Tatiana's Japanese voice actress was written as Hiroko Yamashita, instead of Yuuko Yamashita.


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