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"How could you? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO HER?!"
―Yinu's Mother, to Bunk Bed Junction

Yinu's Mother is the true 4th boss in No Straight Roads. She represents dubstep to combine Yinu's representation of classical music, even though she is not an official NSR artist.

Appearance Edit

The Mother is a giant red-skinned woman with yellow eyes and a heart for a nose. Her long, red hair is a scattered set of branches, making her silhouette the theme of a tree. Her only clothing we see is her black dress with a rose pattern and a ring.

Personality Edit

In connection to Yinu's character motif of nature, the Mother represents the tree, and she also provides the theme of security and safety for her daughter. In additional words, the thorn-studded gate with a heart-shaped lock appears in the first phase. As the Mother becomes more infuriated towards Mayday and Zuke for crashing her daughter's concert, the environment around Natura Concert Hall transforms into a creepy, red-tinted forest, compared to the tranquil side of the nature theme of Yinu.

Relationships Edit


From their interactions, it's clear that Yinu's mother deeply loves and cares about her daughter, but has a severely controlling and overprotective side; she can be harsh and comforting in equal turns to Yinu, and Yinu likewise looks up to her mother when the woman is in a good mood, but is frightened when she is angry.

Bunk Bed JunctionEdit

Mother: I shall teach you brats a lesson in music!
Zuke: But I have a Master's Degree in Fine Arts and Mus---!
Mother: SHUT UP!

Yinu's mother viciously dislikes Mayday and Zuke and has a low opinion of their rock music. She regards them as threats to her daughter who are making a fool out of her piano skills, and ignores Zuke's attempt at a rebuttal when he mentions his MD in Fine Arts and Music.


  • Natura Concert Hall - The central place of concert Yinu and her mother are located.
  • Natura Botanical Gardens - A line of gardens.

Boss Fight Edit

Phase 1 Edit

The mother hides within the curtain of the concert, she creates a gate with a gold lock in front of the player, you must destroy the lock while avoiding a bomb that will fall from above. Once destroying the gate is destroyed and enter the stage, the mother will pull Yinu and her piano up by the strings. Yinu rapidly shoots out the Single Bar Notes.

Phase 2 Edit

She'll summon an eighth note which her mother will smack down creating a shockwave, you will receive small ammo notes to hit the piano wires that are attached in Yinu's piano, causing the Mother to wrap her arms around Yinu which is a way to hit her.

Phase 3 Edit

Once you deplete some of the Mother's health, She'll wreck Natura Concert Hall and grow larger, while lifting up the ground with her red vines, she and Yinu will do the same thing as Phase 1 and 2, but instead in the solo, she'll smash the ground creating a shockwave and summons four pieces of ground to crash towards Bunk Bed Junction.

Phase 4 Edit

After you deplete half of the Mother's health and destroy all 5 strings hanging on to Yinu's piano, the mother will snap and transform into a giant cage in the center of the arena, trapping Mayday and Zuke inside her. She'll summon whole notes and use golden piano hammers covered in red vines to attack the player. At some point, the Mother will headbutt onto the center of the arena, creating red shockwaves.

Phase 5 Edit

It is unknown what Phase 5 would be like, but it seems like Bunk Bed Junction will be running up a giant golden rose to the top to reach the Mother and Yinu, while a variety of musical notes rush down.



Yinu vs. Bunk Bed Junction Edit

Realizing that her daughter's performance has been interrupted by Mayday and Zuke, the mother takes action by shielding her and attempting to obliterate the duo from crashing her concert. As Yinu was directly hit for the final time by Bunk Bed Junction, the mother ultimately becomes angry and launches herself to smack the duo out, distraught of her daughter being hurt.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She's the only boss that wasn't an EDM Artist of NSR, unlike her daughter.
  • Unlike (somewhat) her final design of the game, the mother is shown to have glowing white eyes in previous test demos and some visual key art.


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