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"You're disrupting our music revolution, man! Let's get this over with!"
―Zuke, to ???

Zuke is the drummer for Bunk Bed Junction and one of the two protagonists of No Straight Roads.

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Zuke has yellow-green skin and velvet red eyes. His blue hair are dreadlocks that are gelled in middle-straight position, while his side bangs reach the side jaw areas to resemble sideburns. His clothing consist of a lime green shirt that shows part of his chest, a thin, gold necklace, blue pants, and a black jacket with three gold buttons.

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Compared to Mayday's optimism and hot-blooded character, Zuke is cool-headed and mindful.

He is also a technical engineer for his and Mayday's instruments for combat, as according to the Upgrade section outside of Vinyl City.

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He becomes a band-mate and mutual friend towards Mayday since they founded Bunk Bed Junction.

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Zuke's prominent relationship with Eve seems to be unidentified, other than her spitefulness towards Mayday.

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As mentioned in the battle against Yinu and her mother, Zuke graduated from college with a Master's Degree in Fine Arts and Music.

Lights Up AuditionsEdit

Zuke and Mayday once participated in the Lights Up Audition held by NSR to play rock. The judges, which are Tatiana and the EDM artists, dismissed them because rock is an outdated musical genre; henceforth, EDM becomes recently popular in Vinyl City. Once Tatiana prohibited rock for further auditions, Zuke hesitatingly agrees to support Mayday for her to start a Music Revolution against Tatiana and the empire of NSR.

The duo heads towards Club Planetarium for their first step of the Music Revolution, where DJ Subatomic Supernova prepares for his concert. They tried to consult him that everyone in Vinyl City deserves to respect rock as a normal medium, but DJSS ignores their comment and attempted to rat them out. Zuke, along with Mayday, finally defeated DJSS, whose "head" uncontrollably release a black hole.

In Yinu's concert at Natura Concert Hall, they inadvertently angered her mother, after they crashed her performance and directly targeted her with their weapons.

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  • Before the 23-minute preview video No Straight Roads gameplay was released, Zuke's in-game model from the demos and early promos used to have red flush marks on his nose and on the top of his ears. As the game gets a recent update, Zuke does not have flush marks anymore.


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